Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Fengxian Sub-zone
Best Location For Fine Chemistry
The only industry park for fine chemical manufacturing in Shanghai
Government Service

Shanghai obtains best business environment in China. To enhance the efficiency of the government, the municipal government and the district government have respectively introduced a series of measures, such as the Integrated Registration Service system, All-in-one Business License etc.

Park Service

Professional guidance and pre-reminders will be provided during theinvestment process.
The appeals from enterprises will be responded and solved as soonas possible.
Qualified suppliers will be introduced according to enterprises requests.
The latest laws, regulations and policies issued by local government willbe timely released.
Enterprises will get support from the government to obtain variousfinancial and preferential policies.
A wide range of communication events will be organized especially forentrepreneurs.
Customer satisfaction survey will be conducted every year.
Third Party Service

A third party power management institute has become a partner with our park,it provides solution for electricity problems and maintenance for electric equipment. Our park has also built a co-working group with in safety and environment protection, this group will supervise the enterprises’ environment protection regularly and instruct the company to reduce safety risk.

Q & A

We have summarized some regular questions which customers may concern during the investment.Especially for the those who have never been to China, you can refer to the Q & A page to get a brief image of "How to set up your business in China." If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to let us know your request, you can also email to for further imformation.